About Us

Jorge Martel Alvarado
Owner and Founder

This homepage is providing information about Llama Treks and about the Guesthouse Maria Justina Inn. Llama Trek is the only trekking company in Huaraz specialising in providing traditional Andean llama treks in the Cordillera Blanca and Negra range. We provide everything from half day llama trekking experiences to multi day treks along the most popular treks such as the Huayhuash and Santa Cruz treks in the region. Contact us to find out more. Maria Justina Inn is the guesthouse run by Jorge Martel and his family and it is located in Huaraz. Find out more here. Jorge Martel has over 30 years’ experience in guiding and hosting guests. His family is well known for their cooking talents.

Our Llamas

Our Llamas are located in the mountains near Olleros. For treks and care we take them down into the beautiful town of Canrey Chico, which is less than an hour from Huaraz.

Llama History

In 1996 we created this project to offer llama treks to tourists. Juan Rurush Gloria mentioned the idea to me (Jorge Martel). We and more people who were interested in the project brainstormed about the idea of llama treks and cultural experiences. We were targetting sustainable tourism and considered that in all our planning and execution. Llamas were domesticated in this area by Incas approximately at 6,500 BC. Unlike in other areas of Peru, there were, until our actions, no more llamas around Huaraz. This association (ASAM) was officially founded in July, 1996 with the objective to start raising llamas again to provide tourists llama services. The underlying idea was to create more job opportunities for people in Olleros and to strengthen the cultural identity in our city. When we founded this association, we asked some institutions to help us starting this activity. For example Centro de Desarrollo para la Participación – CEDEP-ONG, that knows about the breeding of animals belonging to the family of camels. At that time, they raised Alpacas, mainly to get meat and wool. Instituto de Montaña- TMI, Huascaran National Park, was also supportive. During our brainstorm session we also defined the project “Llama 2000”. This first workshop was arranged in November, 1996 and it was led by a technician from CEDEP. In 1997, ASAM Olleros-Chavin, "Llama 2000" project, was one association that participated in a contest from the European Union. Luckily, we succeeded and we got economic support to continue working on our “Llama 2000” project. In 1998 we were ready to take tourists on our Llama Treks, still with the tremendous help of the European Union, especially Dr. Live Copin. Since 20 years we have taken countless tourists on treks but each trek and each interaction has been unique and very valuable to us. We have opened up new hikes in the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash, and improved our service over the years. Getting excellent feedback from our guests after treks has given us the energy to keep working hard as an associaten during those years, where the tourism and booking processes have changed massively. Our ambition to be a lifetime travel highlight for our guests has not changed though.