Llama Day

Enjoy an amazing day trek with Peru’s iconic animal - the llama. Join us as we transport you to a local village 30 mins drive out of Huaraz where you will meet the local llama farmers of Cordillera Blanca. Here your guide will explain the history of llamas and the traditional methods in which llamas are used in the Peruvian culture.

Huayhuash Trek

The Huayhuash circuit is the classic route for the region and considered one of the best alpine treks in the world. Crossing several spectacular passes, two of which are over 5,000m the trek provides panoramic views of the surrounding mountains including Siula grande (6,344m) Yerupaja (6,634m), Jirishanka (6,100m) and Rondoy (6,126m).

Olleros Treks

Olleros to Chavin de Huantar, 3 days (6 day option via Carhuascancha) A trek that starts in the village of Olleros its way along the original Inca Trail, through wide open valleys and summits the Yanashallash Pass of 4,700m. The trail passes close to glaciers and provides excellent panoramic views of the nearby snow capped mountains.

Why choose us?

Peru Llama Trek E.I.R.L is the only trekking company in Huaraz specialising in providing traditional Andean llama treks in the Cordillera Blanca and Negra range. We provide everything from half day llama trekking experiences to multi day treks along the most popular treks such as the Huayhuash and Santa Cruz treks in the region. Trekking with llamas is a special experience and allows clients to experience the incredible surrounding landscapes supported by the traditional Peruvian animal - the llama. Our eco-friendly and sustainable treks discourage the use of plastics where possible and utilise and support the local communities and llama farmers.